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Review of Amazon's, "The Man in the High Tower"

December 27, 2016

Tags: The Man In the High Tower

I loved Dick's novel and own both print and digital copies. If you don't already own it, buy and read it. While the book is a classic, this TV production isnít. Though bearing the book's title, it would be more accurately described as a minimal adaptation since at least 90% of the film's events (more…)

Men Storm Women's Bathroom at NYC's Grand Central Station,

December 17, 2016

Tags: NYC, Grand Central Station, men, women

Well, there's not that headline, not yet. While there at 6AM, I was astonished to learn that the Food Court Men's bathroom was closed until 7AM. Until then, there was a one-occupant men's bathroom available in the small upstairs waiting room. Beside it was a much larger women's bathroom.
Not really needing to pee but (more…)

Fanciful Explanations of Autism and Parental Guilt

December 1, 2016

Tags: autism, autistic, children

While parents rarely feel guilty when their child becomes physically ill, this is not true when they develop emotional problems.
Autism is perhaps the most affected disturbance by this attitude for, in its severest form, it devastates family life. Recent infant research has confirmed what clinicians have long known: that the parent-child interaction plays (more…)