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An Unforgettable and Hopefully Unique NYC Taxi Ride

February 14, 2017

Tags: NYC, taxi

While traveling from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Penn Station in a taxi yesterday, I began hearing an unexpected but identifiable noise. It was that of someone vigorously brushing their teeth. I looked toward the driver. He was brushing his teeth with a long toothbrush. When stopped at a red light, he (more…)

Murder Threats on the New York City Subway

January 17, 2017

Tags: NYC, New York City, subway

1. On a moving train, a man stood above a well-dressed passenger who was seated and reading. The man said loudly, Im going to kill you. The seated passenger and others nearby sat frozen. Sensing that the man was disturbed but not dangerous, a woman left her seat, went over, and spoke to him. (more…)

Men Storm Women's Bathroom at NYC's Grand Central Station,

December 17, 2016

Tags: NYC, Grand Central Station, men, women

Well, there's not that headline, not yet. While there at 6AM, I was astonished to learn that the Food Court Men's bathroom was closed until 7AM. Until then, there was a one-occupant men's bathroom available in the small upstairs waiting room. Beside it was a much larger women's bathroom.
Not really needing to pee but (more…)