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Distressed Mothers

May 16, 2018

Tags: child, mother, ill child

Being a parent is never easy but it's particularly difficult when your child is ill.
Not with the commonplace cold or pinkeye which every child gets, but with a chronic
medical condition which requires continual monitoring and intervention.

A Norwegian study revealed the effect which having a child with a
congenital heart defect has (more…)

Is Pepper Spraying a Child Ever Acceptable?

May 9, 2018

Tags: child, police, pepper spray

A news article once described an eight-year-old, second grade Colorado boy who was pepper sprayed by the police after he tore a sharp piece of wood from the wall and then tried to stab teachers with it. The ensuing debate revolved about whether the police had behaved judiciously. Was it ever right to pepper (more…)

A Toddler's Advice: How my parents can best help me develop

February 22, 2016

Tags: toddler, psychology, development, child

1. Watch over me.
2. Monitor me for safety.
3. Help me when I need help but donít be intrusive or bossy.
4. Sometimes, just be my playmate.