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The Murdered California Psychologists

March 10, 2018

Tags: murder, California, psychologist

These killings reminded me of the past killing of the New York City psychologist (Fahey) by a colleague's patient. The psychiatrist had seen him briefly, seventeen years before. Now, the patient brought a hatchet, intending to kidnap the psychiatrist, hold him for ransom, and get his mother out of a nursing home. Fahey heard (more…)

The Change From Valued Employee to Crazed Killer: Cause and Prevention

August 31, 2015

Tags: murder, worker, Virginia killer, TV, business

The flood of shocking employee killings, most recently in Virginia of two TV reporters, raised the usual question: How can the seriously distressed worker be distinguished from those few that become violent? Unfortunately, they often can’t.
Behavior and environment play their roles. Excessive alcohol and drug use increase the likelihood of impulsive, unwise (more…)

Murder, Mayhem, and Evil: The continued media ignorance of the etiology of mass murders

July 27, 2015

Tags: murder, evil, psychology, killings, psychosis, media

During my first job, as a psychologist at a psychiatric hospital, I told my psychoanalyst/supervisor my adolescent patient’s statement. “That’s psychotic,” the doctor replied. Though able to define “psychotic,” until that moment I hadn’t grasped the power of this condition.
Similarly, when the latest horrors became public–the mass murders (more…)