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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

How Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Affects the Body

“Allostasis” reflects the body’s normal ability to function despite stress. The “allostatic load” is the hidden price paid when the person is under continuing stress. This causes alteration (dysregulation) of the body’s stress-response system, reducing its customary, adequate processes of containment. Thus, individuals who have been exposed to traumatic stress tend to  Read More 
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Failure and Success in the Psychotherapy of Autistic Children

The aloofness noted in autistic children often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when their therapist considers it a given, something amenable only to simplistic reward/punishment behavior modification techniques. But the autistic child does have relationships though these are inadequate and require nurturing through play therapy.
No special techniques are required since the basic  Read More 
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Psychotherapists Who Will Likely Fail in Their Treatment of Soldiers Suffering From PTSD

1. Therapists possess varying society derived attitudes toward the military ranging from gratitude and respect to abhorrence and scorn. Those therapists holding the latter views would be unsuccessful.
2. Therapists who believe that veterans seeking treatment for PTSD do so primarily to gain compensation.
3. Therapists who hold the view that soldiers, rather than being patriotic, are blood-lusting savages who relish war  Read More 
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Does America in 2016 Resemble Japan in 1941? You Decide.

A highly acclaimed book by Eri Hotta, “Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy,” (Vintage, 2013) describes the complex nature of Japan's decision making immediately before World War II. Their politicians and military leaders knew little of the outside world and had no coherent political strategy. They thought in terms of personal advantage rather than the nation’s prosperity.
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What the Deadly Disorder, Anorexia, Really Reflects

One crucial task of early childhood is for a child to develop a secure sense of who they are or, as psychologists call it, a sense of self. This ordinarily occurs naturally through a child’s continuing interactions with their parents. But if these were inadequate, the child’s poorly developed  Read More 
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Reasons Why Soldiers Can Grow to Love War

1. It is a time of great intensity when feelings are heightened and life takes on new meaning.
2. During wartime, sports terminology such as “winning” and “losing” are used, battle thus being experienced as a game.
3. War allows soldiers great freedom to behave without fear of punishment, even to engage in acts which are ordinarily  Read More 
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Should I Choose Uber or a Taxi in the Murder Capital of America?

A month ago I traveled via Amtrak to a city with possibly the highest murder rate in America. I'm not sure if it's Number One. Back when I was in graduate school, Cleveland strove for that dubious distinction. My destination was ten miles outside the city. Upon arriving at the train station, I had  Read More 
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A Toddler's Advice: How my parents can best help me develop

1. Watch over me.
2. Monitor me for safety.
3. Help me when I need help but don’t be intrusive or bossy.
4. Sometimes, just be my playmate.
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A painful stereotype learned on Valentine's Day

I was at a Valentine's Day event yesterday. It was voluntarily catered by a gifted chef who had refused numerous suggestions that use her talent for profit. Another attendee told me that she was born in Spain, spoke with a heavy accent, and had difficulty being understood over the phone. This caused her to  Read More 
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An eminent author's words, for all writers to live by:

"It is a salutary discipline to consider the vast number of books that are written, the fair hopes with which their authors see them published, and the fate which awaits them. What chance is there that any book will make its way among the multitude?

"And the successful books are but the successes of  Read More 
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