Dr. Stanley Goldstein - Author and Psychologist


"Pays off in relief to unnecessarily worried parents and in sound advice to those with children in serious trouble...Several qualities make this book outstanding."
--Publishers Weekly

"Sober, readable perspective on troubled behavior...walking that fine line between interpretation for a general audience and professional acumen...a competent, almost understated introduction to an often over-dramatized subject."
--Kirkus Reviews

"The work of a sensitive psychologist."
--Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

"This reassuring book gives sound advice to worried parents whose children are in serious trouble."
--The Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

"...defines the natural periods of stress in a child's life and the ways in which the child may manifest his problems. Parents receive explanations which may help them overcome their own fears and sensitivity so they may deal most effectively with children during these problem periods."
--The Reporter Dispatch (White Plains, New York)

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Troubled Children/Troubled Parents: The Way Out 2nd Edition

Published by Wyston Books, Inc.

Troubled Children/​Troubled Parents: The Way Out 2nd Edition is available in the Apple iBook Store for the iPad and iPod.

Dr. Stanley Goldstein

IDENTIFIES: The nine signals for concern: indicators of distress in a child; and The periods of natural childhood stress when your child must be unhappy.

EXPLAINS: How to diagnose your child's symptoms of distress; How to survive those times of stress; and The key techniques for successful parent intervention.

DISCUSSES: The emotions naturally experienced by parents when their child is troubled; Those times when parents are not enough; and What kind of help to expect from a psychotherapist; and he

DESCRIBES: Some children who did not receive the kind of care they needed--until it was nearly too late.

This book is available in the E-book format ($6.95) and print format ($9.95).