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Welcome to my Website

The "My Works" section contains links to the posted online, first chapter of my nonfiction books (Troubled Children/Troubled Parents: The Way Out, 2nd Edition; Shopping For A Shrink/Finding the Right Psychotherapist For You or Your Child; Mental Health In A Minute/One Hundred and One, One Minute Lessons To Improve Your Life; Through Children's Minds: The Marketing and Creation of Children's Products) and novels (Lies In Progress; Park West; Ghosts And Angels). It also includes anecdotes, both amusing and moving.


You can purchase each of these books by clicking on the link under their cover. This will take you to the proper sales page at Amazon.com. The books which have been published as E-books are also available in Apple's iBook store and the Barnes & Noble site. The print books can also be purchased through brick-and-mortar book sellers.


A book of two short stories, The Unintended, contains a horror story about sexual abuse ("Rage") and a satirical story about the publishing industry ("Back to Basics"). My reviews of the movies, Side Effects (2013), and Manchester by the Sea (2016) are posted in the My Works section.


There is important information on Panic/Anxiety Attacks (PAD), Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) , Childhood Suicide, and other mental health concerns. These can be read or printed for later reference at the "Anecdotes and Important Mental Health Information" section.