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My Works

Movie Review: "Manchester by the Sea" (2016)

The plot’s simplicity conceals its universality and grandeur: the lives of people rent by tragedy and guilt. Though death and mortality are its themes, the film offers hope: that personal change, though elusive, is possible; and that pain, if not completely vanquished, can be endured, and become bearable.
The film portrays basic human tendencies; to isolate oneself when hurting; to accept comforting; to despair and hope; and to be consumed by guilt yet yearn for forgiveness.
Portraying the heroism of human existence, the film emphasizes the need to persistently battle personal demons and, if not fully vanquishing them, putting them to rest. The greater the odds, the sweeter can be the victory and the more enduring the peace, the writer seems to say−and we should believe.
See it!

Movie Review: "Side Effects" (2013)

My review of the movie "Side Effects" (2013), including its depiction of psychiatrists, is posted online both as text and pdf.

Through Children's Minds: The Marketing and Creation of Children's Products

In recent decades, few markets have increased so dramatically as that of children and few are as important. Successful products can foster a lifetime of brand loyalty while a failed product or marketing campaign can cause a lifetime of rejection. Yet some companies, not realizing the unique psychology of children, create products or market them to children based on faulty ideas, later wondering why they were unsuccessful despite great effort and financial investment.

The minds of children differ profoundly from those of adults and to successfully market and create children’s products requires knowledge of these differences. Though children’s behavior can seem quirky and inexplicable, it possesses an inherent logic which can be understood by adults and is described in this book.

Through Children’s Minds provides sophisticated information about the children’s marketplace, marketing and creating children’s products, and what children like–and dislike–in television and other media.

This book is available in both digital and print editions.

Shopping For A Shrink: Finding The Right Psychotherapist For You Or Your Child

Dr. Stanley Goldstein helps you to gain value for your psychotherapy dollar by: Identifying when psychotherapy is needed--and when it is not; Comforting by explaining what to expect; Explaining how mental health symptoms help us cope with everyday life: Advising how to find a great psychotherapist (hint: ignore the usual advice); And describing some who did not get the care they needed--until it was nearly too late.

This book is available in both print and E-book formats.

Troubled Children/Troubled Parents: The Way Out 2nd Edition

Dr. Stanley Goldstein IDENTIFIES: The nine signals for concern: indicators of distress in a child; and The periods of natural childhood stress when your child must be unhappy. HE EXPLAINS: How to diagnose your child's symptoms of distress; How to survive those times of stress; and The key techniques for successful parent intervention; HE DISCUSSES: The emotions naturally experienced by parents when their child is troubled; Those times when parents are not enough; and What kind of help to expect from a psychotherapist; and HE DESCRIBES: Some children who did not receive the kind of care they needed--until it was nearly too late.

This book is available in both print and E-book formats.

Mental Health In A Minute/ One-Hundred and One, One Minute Lessons To Improve Your Life

In one-hundred and one, one and two page lessons, Dr. Stanley Goldstein provides the latest psychological information on parenting, daily living, work, crime, and public affairs to increase your effectiveness as a parent, worker, and citizen.

Dr. Goldstein explores such wide-ranging matters as "Those Frightening Autism Rates," "Why Criticizing A Child For Crying Is Unhelpful," "The Complex Nature Of School Bullying," "Why Normal People Make Illogical Decisions," "Stage Fright," "The Powerful Dracula Fable," "The Two Crucial Behavioral Skills," "Reducing The Psychological Distress Caused By Unemployment," "Military Leadership And Organizational Success," and many others.

One-hundred and one, one minute lessons to reduce your anxiety since it is the unexplained which makes events frightening.

This book is available only as an E-book.

Ghosts And Angels: A Memoir/ How, During An Epoch Of Terror, Goodness Vanquished Evil And Restored Faith

An irreligious, fallen military hero is chosen by God to conduct a ten-year-old girl, the next advance in human evolution, through a perilous contemporary world. Fleeing from the murderers of her family, they find refuge at the home of a dying minister. There, they learn about Sin and Grace and how to conquer despair. But questions persist. Why is the government so uninterested in this child's fate? Who is pursuing them? Is the angel who guides them real, or a figment of the child's traumatized mind? And does there exist a life after death with the universe having its own memory of all that once existed though in different form?

This powerful novel blends action with introspection to confront today's most challenging questions. It provides entertainment, guidance, hope, and impact which persists long after being read.

This book is available in both print and E-book formats.

Lies In Progress

A pregnant teenager, rejected by her parents and sought by police throughout the world, is hidden and cared for by friends. Foreseeing her murder, she prays only that her child survive and, someday, know how much she loved him. But the girl has unknown allies: a priest who delights in classical study; a congressional aide so skillful he's nicknamed "The Lord"; and an English outlaw on his final, most dangerous mission: to rescue his sister, safeguard America from the awesome weapon CATACLYSM--and gain redemption.

Having characters of dimension and intelligence, this novel is a moral and political odyssey of our time, destined to be shared and remembered.

This book is available in both print and E-book editions.

Park West: A Novel of Love and Murder and Redemption

A Jewish psychiatrist, haunted by guilt and recurring nightmares of the electric chair, dedicates his life to healing the poor--before being accused of murdering women across America. Confronting certain execution, he prays for the first time: that his lover remains with him until his death. But the doctor has other allies: a lawyer seeking public sympathy; a retired presidential adviser to educate him on power and corruption; and a fallen minister who believes him Christlike, even, at times, the long awaited Messiah.This rich, complex novel, bursting with characterizations of the successful yet lost, celebrates the power of love and redemption and search for enduring values.

This book is available in both print and E-book editions.

The Unintended

The Unintended contains two short stories: (1) "Rage": in which a psychiatrist's advice to a sexually abused woman leads to unintended consequences; and (2) "Back to Basics," in which a prominent literary agent meets a mysterious author. This book is available only in digital format.