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Through Children's Minds: The Marketing and Creation of Children's Products

In recent decades, few markets have increased so dramatically as that of children and few are as important. Successful products can foster a lifetime of brand loyalty while a failed product or marketing campaign can cause a lifetime of rejection. Yet some companies, not realizing the unique psychology of children, create products or market them to children based on faulty ideas, later wondering why they were unsuccessful despite great effort and financial investment.

The minds of children differ profoundly from those of adults and to successfully market and create children's products requires knowledge of these differences. Though children's behavior can seem quirky and inexplicable, it possesses an inherent logic which can be understood by adults and is described in this book.


Through Children's Minds provides sophisticated information about the children's marketplace, marketing and creating children's products, and what children like–and dislike–in television and other media.


This book is published in both a print and digital edition.