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Moview Review: "Manchester by the Sea" (2016

The plot’s simplicity conceals its universality and grandeur: the lives of people rent by tragedy and guilt. Though death and mortality are its themes, the film offers hope: that personal change, though elusive, is possible; and that pain, if not completely vanquished, can be endured, and become bearable.
The film portrays basic human tendencies; to isolate oneself when hurting; to accept comforting; to despair and hope; and to be consumed by guilt yet yearn for forgiveness.
Portraying the heroism of human existence, the film emphasizes the need to persistently battle personal demons and, if not fully vanquishing them, putting them to rest. The greater the odds, the sweeter can be the victory and the more enduring the peace, the writer seems to say−and we should believe.
See it!