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Troubled Children/Troubled Parents

The first edition was published by Atheneum (New York City).

All children undergo natural periods of stress when they may feel troubled. And when their children are troubled, parents experience anxiety and uncertainty about the best way to help them.

This book defines those natural periods of stress in a child's life; describes the ways in which a temporarily troubled child might manifest their problems; and teaches parents how to overcome their own fears so that they can deal most effectively with their children at these times.

It advises parents how to determine when their children's problems are, as in most cases, temporary and a natural result of their development, and when they are persistent and deep-seated, requiring professional help, and how to determine whether this is effective. This is both a practical guide for all parents concerned with their children's natural, healthy development and a lyrical, personal odyssey during which the reader is introduced to memorable children, including some who did not receive the help they needed until it was nearly too late.