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Ghosts And Angels: A Memoir

Published by Wyston Books, Inc.

Ghosts And Angels is also available in the Apple iBook store for the iPad and iPod.

An irreligious, fallen military hero is chosen by God to conduct a ten-year-old girl, the next advance in human evolution, through a perilous contemporary world. Fleeing from the murderers of her family, they find refuge at the home of a dying minister. There, they learn about Sin and Grace and how to conquer despair. But questions persist. Why is the government so uninterested in this child's fate? Who is pursuing them? Is the angel who guides them real, or a figment of the child's traumatized mind? And does there exist a life after death, with the universe having its own memory of all that once existed though in different form.


This powerful novel blends action with introspection to confront today's most challenging questions. It provides entertainment, guidance, hope, and impact which persists long after being read.


This book is available in both digital and print. The first chapters can be read by pressing the "look inside" button at amazon.com or in the Apple iBook store.