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Park West: A Novel of Love and Murder and Redemption

Park West is available in the Apple iBook Store for the iPad and iPod.

A Jewish psychiatrist, haunted by guilt and recurring nightmares of the electric chair, dedicates his life to healing the poor--before being accused of murdering women across America. Confronting certain execution, he prays for the first time: that his lover remain with him until his death. But the doctor has other allies: a lawyer seeking public sympathy; a retired presidential advisor to educate him on power and corruption; and a fallen minister who believes him Christlike, even, at times, the long awaited Messiah.


This rich, complex novel, bursting with characterizations of the successful yet lost, celebrates the power of love and redemption and search for enduring values.


This book is available in both print ($9.95) and E-book ($5.95) formats. The first chapters can be read by pressing the "look inside" button at amazon.com or the "sample" button at barnes&noble.com or in the iBook store.