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How New York State Residents Can Contact Me For Tele-Therapy

Tele-Therapy or Tele-Health is not new since speaking with current patients by phone, to provide aid and support, has long existed and mental health and medical services have been provided online since the 1990s. What is new is the ability to see the patient in real time, or as real time as current technology permits. Before setting an appointment, we will speak on the phone for a few minutes (without charge) to determine suitability.


Receiving psychotherapy online is little different from receiving it in my office with the benefit of lacking travel which, for some, has involved traveling a considerable distance and bringing a child as hanger-on too. During your first session I will ask questions to determine the nature of your distress and provide my conclusions and suggestions. During future sessions you may talk a lot or I may talk a lot or we both may talk a lot, which is how psychotherapy goes. The length of treatment is determined by how long you consider it needed. I have seen some pateints briefly and others for many years.


The cost of your treatment is determined by your insurance copayment and deductible which I will check before your first session. There will be no financial surprise. If you lack insurance, the initial evaluation fee will be $190.00 with later sessions being $145.00. Payment will be made by debit or credit card online at ProfessionalCharges.com and I will send you their link.You will receive an e-mailed receipt for each charge made.


Arranging your session is easily done. We will agree on an appointment date and time and I wll send you a link via E-mail before your session. You need merely click this link on your SmartPhone or laptop and we will be connected via a HIPAA approved, encrypted connection. No audio-video record is kept of your session, it being automatically deleted at its termination. However, I do keep written notes, just as with in-office treatment since this is a professional requirement. You should, of course, be in a setting where you will not be overheard.