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Lies In Progress

Lies In Progress is also available in the Apple iBook Store and at the Barnes&Noble site.

A pregnant teenager, rejected by her parents and sought by police throughout the world, is hidden and cared for by friends. Foreseeing her murder, she prays only that her child survive and, someday, know how much she loved him. But the girl has unknown allies: a priest who delights in classical study; a congressional aide so skillful he's nicknamed "The Lord"; and an English outlaw on his final, most dangerous mission: to rescue his sister, safeguard America from the awesome weapon CATACLYSM--and gain redemption.


Having characters of dimension and intelligence, this novel is a moral and political odyssey of our time, destined to be shared and remembered.


This book is available in both print and digital formats. The first chapters can be read by pressing the "look inside" button at amazon.com or in the Apple iBook store.