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Probably the most repeated phrase to new parents, apart from "things will get better," is "parenting isn't easy." Parents await the birth of their newborn, especially if it's their first child, with a combination of anticipation and joy. Feelings that quickly turn to despair as sleepless nights and confusion ensue. The doctors and nurses did their part and now it's up to the parents.
But what can you do when your child won't sleep through the night or cries continually? They're certainly too young to speak to. But are they?
The more accurate information that parents possess about child development the less stressful will be their parenting duties. My goal with this book is to ease their path so that joy may return to all.
The many essays in this book range widely with each being readable within two-minutes. They range from such early life worries as "My Child Wets The Bed," "My Child Doesn't Pay Attention In School,"and "My Teenager's Grades Dropped," to adult issues of "Why Battered Wives Remain Married," and "How To Successfully Cope With Panic Attack."
Though brief, their length should not be confused with their value. Since understanding is the best antidote for anxiety, the information in this book is priceless.
This book is currently available in E-book format on Amazon.com and B&N.com and will be published in print format shortly.