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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

A Toddler's Advice: How my parents can best help me develop

1. Watch over me.
2. Monitor me for safety.
3. Help me when I need help but don’t be intrusive or bossy.
4. Sometimes, just be my playmate.
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A painful stereotype learned on Valentine's Day

I was at a Valentine's Day event yesterday. It was voluntarily catered by a gifted chef who had refused numerous suggestions that use her talent for profit. Another attendee told me that she was born in Spain, spoke with a heavy accent, and had difficulty being understood over the phone. This caused her to  Read More 
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An eminent author's words, for all writers to live by:

"It is a salutary discipline to consider the vast number of books that are written, the fair hopes with which their authors see them published, and the fate which awaits them. What chance is there that any book will make its way among the multitude?

"And the successful books are but the successes of  Read More 
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The Value of Narcissism and the Denial of Truth

“Narcissistic” is often used pejoratively to describe an immature person though it, and the denial of truth, are normal ego defenses against anxiety. While these mental mechanisms, if broadly used, are pathological for adults, they have valuable benefits.

When confronting knowledge of an exceptionally painful situation such as a serious illness or severe  Read More 
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