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Windows 10 Upgrade: My Experience and Security Suggestions

Two days ago, I upgraded my work desktop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with some anxiety. But the process took about two hours and functioned on its own. I’m pleased to say that the results were far better than I expected. Though this judgment is necessarily personal, the new operating system is beautiful and getting used to it took only minutes though this is a work in progress. Hours later came the familiar blue screen of death but the OS fixed itself quickly and this hasn’t re-occurred.
What surprised me was that all of my programs functioned. This included a very old LotusWorks which, with difficulty, I had managed to shoehorn onto Windows 7 in order to be able to read very old documents that were made with my Packard-Bell PC decades ago. Once, I looked for the Windows update program until remembering that updating was now done automatically. While MS’s new browser is lovely, it lacks the password manager of Firefox, which I have long used and still do. Making Firefox or another browser your default is easily done.
Two security changes should be considered: (1) To dis-enable the Update Delivery Optimization feature which enables your internet connection to share updates as part of a peer-to-peer network to deliver updates, lessening the load on MS’s servers. This can be disabled in the Advanced Options choice of the Settings/Windows Update menu, “choose how updates are received.”
You could also be warned when your PC will restart following its update by choosing “Notify to schedule restart” in the Advanced/Windows Update options.
(2) "Wi-Fi Sense": At the Network/Internet part of Settings, “Manage Wi-Fi Settings,” turn off this feature to stop Facebook friends from using your network.
Just my two cents.

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