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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

Doctors Fear Psychotherapy Too!

I just read an interesting story about a surgeon whose life became so consumed by anxiety that, for a period of time, she stopped working. While not unusual since anxiety and particularly panic attacks can be disabling, what is revealing is the doctor's resistance to seeking mental health treatment. She rejected the thought of consulting a psychiatrist, not wanting to be placed on medication. Her prediction was accurate for this is the only treatment that virtually all psychiatrists now offer. Today's psychiatric residents receive only 10% of the training in psychotherapy that they received 70 years ago. But other mental health professionals are available, as well as the few psychiatrists who have had psychoanalytic training and do primarily psychotherapy

So this doctor's story really tells us other lessons which I never cease to emphasize: that fear of the unconscious is widespread, and the unconscious is very powerful.

The link to this surgeon's story is:

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