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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

How a New Teacher Tamed His Class or “George is humping Valerie’s doll!”

I recently heard this story from a relative. A twenty-two-year-old began teaching Earth Science in one of New York City’s most difficult schools. As the class began, fifteen-year-old George tore the clothes off his classmate’s doll and pretended to have sex with it. The class screamed, “Look, George is humping Valerie’s doll!” “Better than humping a dog,” George responded. The teacher looked on dispassionately before speaking, “Well, George, it sounds like you tried both and know which you like best.” The students shut up, George sat down, and the teacher was lauded until his retirement thirty-five years later.

Moral: A teacher needs a good sense of humor to be effective.
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