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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

Childhood Memories Related During One Family’s Thanksgiving (NOT my patients)

(!) Mother speaking to her teenage sons at the breakfast table: “I do everything for you and our neighbor does nothing for her kids. She spends all the money on herself, treats them like shit, and they kiss her ass.” A son’s response: “OK, ma. Bend over and we’ll kiss your ass.”

(2) A mother scrimped and saved to send her young son to camp where he didn’t want to go. The boy hated the camp and had a terrible time there. But, knowing of his mother’s sacrifices to send him, he determined to put on a happy face. Upon arriving home, he told her that he had a wonderful time and wanted to go to the same camp the following summer. Hearing this, his mother blew up: “You ungrateful child. The first thing you tell me is how wonderful your summer was. You don’t ask how your parents or sisters are. We could be dying for all you’d care. Just for that, you’re not going to camp next summer.” The boy smiled when his mother wasn’t looking.
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