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A Psychologist's Thoughts on Clinical Practice, Behavior, and Life

In Praise of Computer Technology

Today’s New York Times (December 27, 2015) has an article bemoaning the human cost of technology. I itemize a few benefits from my experiences.

My first book was written on an IBM Selectric typewriter that broke down on Thanksgiving day, causing my frantic search for an open store to buy another. Making changes to and  Read More 
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The Similarity Between Dying Schools and Dying Businesses

As a psychologist, I've long found that parents complain most about schools. They are, as institutions, hermetically sealed, uninterested in any opinion that doesn't agree with their own and, when their efforts with troubled children fail (as almost always happens), the parents become termed expert and the school demands that they resolve their child's  Read More 
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The Creation of Advancing Technology and Art

While producing advancing technology and art both demand creativity, they differ greatly. The conceptual creation of a Google-type enterprise requires a broad, expert knowledge of technology, including its current use in society, and its products advance societal development. But the motivation for artistic creation is to partially resolve the author's emotional  Read More 
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